5 Best Types of Cushions for a Leather Sofa in UAE

Why do the types matter?

The type of cushion you choose to buy along your sofa matters a lot, especially if it is a leather sofa as their material is the most influential and unique out of all the other types of sofas.  For example a leather sofa might not go along with silk pillows because of the texture roughness between them, things like these are noticeable by interior designers like RadyInterior.

Best Types of Cushions

Memory Cushion
  1. Foam-filled cushions: Foam-filled cushions are a good choice for the UAE’s climate as they hold their shape well and offer support. More durable foam cushions can provide long-lasting comfort and strength.
  2. Memory foam cushions: Memory foam cushions can provide excellent comfort and support, and can be particularly attractive in hot environments. However, they can feel hotter to ride than other things.
  3. Gel blankets: Gel blankets can help dissipate heat and keep you cool. They are a good choice for a hot dry climate like the UAE.
  4. Synthetic waterproof materials: Due to dry weather, consider synthetic or waterproof fabrics These materials can reduce sweat or moisture and can be easier to clean and maintained.
  5. Hybrid cushions: Hybrid cushions that combine different materials such as foam and down can provide a balance of support and comfort, which can be suitable for different preferences and climates
  6. Sunproof fabric: If your leather sofa gets direct sunlight, consider installing a sunscreen or sun-resistant fabric to prevent discoloration and UV damage
types of cushions
Novapro Gel Cushion
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