Interior Design Ideas based on top 5 sodas

Introduction to Soda Interior Design

Have you ever wanted to design your room from your favorite drink? Or your favorite soda? Well, Luckily today we discuss how we can incorporate the designs from your favorite sodas into your room. We will be discussing, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, and Vimto.

This is going to be a bubbly read! 

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The Red and White color scheme of Coca-Cola has been in trend for almost 100 years now, or if you are more of a black color lover then red and black. Either way, coke has shined in the world for many many years.

The white and red combination brings out a sense of familiarity and comfort to eyes, it is soothing to look at as it aligns with the color pie as well. You can also opt-in for various red-themed ornaments to further suit it to coke themed room. 

Lemon, Lime, Luxury.

Sprite is one of those drinks that can really POP your day, their green-themed cans with lime sub-themed on them makes it look like one of the most refreshing and fresh drinks.

In Interior Design, Green and Yellow can be incorporated by getting plants, putting on a painting of a lemon on a tree, and many other various ways

Pepsi, the classical and the biggest rival to Coke till today, their banter and rivalry can never die, with red in both of them and blue being the new blend, you can opt-in for so many creative ideas just like Pepsi when they spent $1 Million for it, for nothing to come out of it, as it received so much backlash.

Blue and Red with a little bit of white can be opted in for many bespoke furniture or bedrooms, especially if you are a fan of France, as their colors match the colors of Pepsi.

Orange and nothing like it! Fanta-based Interior Design unlocks many doors for creativity and wonder as now you can use candles and orange/lime-scented air fresheners to match the aesthetic more.

Walls painted with different and various hues of orange, with decor pieces of the fruit orange all around the place, can create a perfect blend of a contemporary interior design.

A wild mixture of fruits and spices, the interior should blow your mind away just like how it’s blown away when you take the first sip of Vimto, with its enchanting fluttering waves of taste.

Purple can be incorporated with elegant and almost luxury velvet sofas with draping curtains and cushions so puffy it makes clouds look like a child’s play.


If we delve into the search for charm in Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, and Vimto, we are going to find a rich history of flavors and textures that are unmatched in experience in the last 300 years. The classic appeal of Coke makes us deem it the king of sodas while the poppy feeling of Sprite makes it all the more appealing to choose instead. In Interior Design incorporating these ideas is very easy with custom color-themed furniture to textured walls and scented lime candles.

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