Noise Reduction in Dubai Offices: Why Interior Design Matters?

Noise reduction in Office interiors has always been important, to have a quiet and calming environment so employees can focus more efficiently and precisely, we have evolved our ways of accessories and the procedures used to soundproof the interiors. Some work splendidly while others do nothing but disappoint you in the end after you put your time and money into preparing it.

That is where Interior Designers come, professionally trained and with experience; they know what application and what material should be used when and where. And how the arrangement of the entire interior changes the dynamics of it all.

In this article, we are going to discuss ways, principles, and some keynotes that can guide you, how the arrangement and the entire process of soundproofing and reducing the noise in an office works.

noise reduction

Noise Reduction by soundproofing walls and ceilings

Noise reduction can be initiated by one of the most common ways; soundproofing walls. Soundproofing panels go onto the wall, in doing so they dampen the soundwaves from one structure to another resulting in a soundproofed room.

It can also be incorporated with many designs and patterns that can add aesthetic value to it.

Other than that, cubicle offices can have their dividers soundproofed the same way so that the sound does not go over to the other cubicle, in open offices; the same can be done with dividers.


Noise Reduction by Acoustic Furniture

Noise reduction can also be improved by certain furniture sets that are able to absorb and retain soundwaves in their texture and material, certain hollow set of furniture can be ideal to reduce sound and noise in the interior

Noise Reduction by Rugs

Rugs can be strategically placed specifically on places where there is high reverb so that the pieces of rugs can absorb and not reflect back the soundwaves coming at them

Arrangement of Furniture Affects the Noise Reduction

Different layouts and arrangements can be approached so that an optimal layout can be found which would then benefit us.

White Noise Machine

Another way to reduce sound is to use white noise machines, these machines play a constant background sound that kind of numbs the other noises in the office

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