Gharayen Girls Bedroom – Sharjah

Gharayen Girls Bedroom - Sharjah

Modern Neoclassic Design, Bedroom

Elevate the ambiance of your children's bedroom by infusing it with captivating design concepts and innovative details, resulting in a wondrous and fantastical space. Immerse your children's imaginative universe into the very fabric of their room, courtesy of thoughtfully curated specially designed children's bedrooms. When it comes to designing a child's bedroom, numerous aspects demand your attention and contemplation; primary among them is color coordination, intricate decor choices, bed styles that reflect their unique personality, the selection of kid-friendly furniture, the creation of an engaging play area, strategic bookshelf placement, and a myriad of other essential considerations needed for crafting the perfect haven for your little ones.

Design Style Analysis

Discover the extraordinary allure of our neoclassical-style girls’ bedroom, infused with a contemporary twist that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to be mesmerized as the dusty pink classical gypsum moldings adorning the ceiling make a striking statement, perfectly complementing the astonishing modern chandelier that takes center stage amidst the captivating cladded terrazzo flooring. Step into a bedroom that is a true work of art, with each element meticulously curated like an exquisite installation. Delight in the punchy accent of our classical beds, enhanced by the presence of an abstract handcrafted rug that adds a touch of artistic flair. Experience the sleek elegance of modern arches, adorned with hidden lighting that creates an enchanting gallery-like atmosphere. Pink takes center stage, adorning the gypsum boiserie ceiling, the handcrafted carpet, and the bed headboard, beautifully accentuated by the trendy teal shade that adds a contemporary twist. Immerse yourself in a space where classical beauty meets modern sophistication, designed to inspire and captivate.


The Al Gharayen region in Sharjah is a well-liked residential locality due to its proximity to the borders of Sharjah and Dubai. Additionally, it features Al Maliha road, which provides access to both emirates. The area primarily comprises villas and is in close proximity to key locations such as the Industrial Area, University City, Sharjah International Airport, as well as various museums, leisure spots, and parks.

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