Prayer Room Interior Design Sharjah, Dubai & UAE

At RadyInterior Design, we are committed to transforming spaces into calming and spiritual areas for prayer. After conferring with our clients and being cognizant of their inclinations. Irrespective of devoting a corner of a room or allocating a whole area to prayer, we craft extraordinary wooden separators and sound insulations to grant privacy. We select floors and walls that harmonize with the space in neutral and tranquil colors that convey spirituality and holiness. We focus on using illumination prudently, be it natural or directed, to display the client’s requirements and accentuate the interior design’s magnificence. We fabricate exquisite embellishments such as Islamic decoration and Quranic Ayat to bring a bit of loveliness and spirituality. Additionally, we are enthusiastic about fabricating a distinct mihrab to mark the Qibla wall utilizing any of the offered options, a constructed, inscribed, or drawn design on the wall. We offer an individual entrance design that bears an Islamic identity that illustrates the area’s character and warmly welcomes worshipers. As, we allot shelves for Islamic books, and Qurans in a well-ordered and attractive style to provide an ideal place for reading and reflection. Our services strive to form a sacred and relaxing spot of prayer that reflects serenity and tranquility for our clients. If you were striving to design a fantastic prayer room.Contact us