Eid Decoration Ideas with Paper 2024

Eid Decoration Ideas with Paper 2024 | RadyInterior

Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid, a festive occasion that concludes Ramadan or the feast of sacrifice. At this period, relatives should gather for meals cooked perfectly and decorated homes filled with beautiful hues to create a festive atmosphere. Paper is one of the excellent decorations which do not cost anything and does not destroy the environment. Eid decoration ideas with paper can bring creativity and tradition together. Paper decorations such as complicated paper lanterns and fancy garlands can create a festive atmosphere out of any place.


The Importance of using Paper when making Eid decorations:

eid decoration ideas with paper

There are several advantages to using paper for Eid decorations.One can buy it without spending much money from a craft store and hence its availability for all. Furthermore, there are some recyclable papers that shows how they care about the environment. In addition to this, artists have an opportunity to give various forms or patterns to paper due to its flexibility that allows making anything with it. Still, using handmade paper decorations for these special occasions helps to individualize them and underline our dedication and love towards holiday preparations.



Kinds of Paper Used for Eid Decoration Idea with Paper: 

In various decorations, diverse papers can be used; each of them having a unique texture and toughness. Use construction paper, which is thick and strong in order to make garlands, banners or even lanterns. Cardstock on the other hand, is much heavier than ordinary papers and it is long lasting too it’s ideal for signs, banners and also complex cut-outs. Tissue paper is light in weight thus easy to shape making it suitable for creating flowers, pom poms or tassels. Origami paper is normally made with folding in mind as such it is perfect for crafting detailed shapes such as stars and cranes. Lastly, glitter paper adds sparkle to any decoration hence appropriate for stars, moons and other symbols of celebration.


Eid Decoration Idea with Paper on Various Areas

Festive Entrance Paper Decorations

Eid is led by the entrance, so use paper wreaths of flowers, stars and crescents for the door. Outline the pathway with paper lanterns and LED tea lights. Drape garlands and Eid Mubarak banners to create a festive canopy. Make a personalized welcome sign using cardstock and glitter papers adorned with Islamic motifs.

Creative Wall Paper Decorations



Turn walls into a canvas where creativity thrives. Decorate them with paper garlands made from starts and crescents, quilled patterns and festooned banners with ”Eid Mubarak”. Complete the look by hanging paper lanterns of different sizes and various colors.


Dining Area Paper Enhancement 

The dining area is the heart of Eid celebrations. It can be enhanced using personalized paper placemats, elegant cardstock napkin rings, and stunning centerpieces of paper flowers and lanterns. Also, design a menu card and place it on the table written down dishes names for adding that professional touch while creating an intricate pattern on the runner made of tissue papers

Magical Ceilings Paper Decorations 


Ceilings can be magical with hanging stars and moons cut from glitter paper, paper fans in different sizes and colors, clusters of tissue paper pom-poms, and paper chandeliers made by cutting strips and adding decorations to them.

Attractive Window Paper Adornment 

To make windows more attractive, apply paper adornments. Instead of layering curtains made from strips of tissue paper for vertical hangings, paste stars and crescents on them. Alternatively, use paper window clings with fun shapes, attaching them easily with double-sided tape.

Gift Wrapping Paper Decorations 

Add decorative wrapping papers to your gift wrapping area, personalized cardstock gift tags and festive bows made from varying sizes and colors of papers.

DIY Paper Decorations Ideas:


Make a cardboard wreath with paper flowers, stars and leaves and attach a ribbon to create festive paper decorations. Use construction paper lanterns and LED tea lights to light up your pathway. Add some paper garlands and an Eid Mubarak banner on your wall. For tissue papers, fold accordion style to form flowers. Make origami stars and paper fans by folding them. Paper candle holders can be made including LED candles. Create paper tassels as well as rosettes for more festive touches.

eid decorations ideas with papers

Modern and Traditional Paper Eid Decorations:


Incorporating traditional and modern styles into the myriad of paper decors would make Eid festivities become more colorful.

Modern Eid Decoration Ideas with Paper:


Geometric Designs: Use new geometric patterns and shapes for a more daring look. Think about hexagons, triangles, and other sleek shapes for garlands and banners.


Minimalist Banners: Create simple, clean banners using modern typography.Use monochromatic colors or pastels for a minimalist aesthetic.


3D Wall Art: Design 3D paper art frames that can be framed or hung directly on walls. Use modern designs and colors to make them pop out of their surroundings.


LED-Integrated Paper Lanterns:


Modernize paper lanterns with LED lights; they will add soft ambient glow to your decorations.


Abstract Paper Sculptures: Design abstract paper sculptures that function as centerpieces or wall art pieces. To give them a modern look, use bright hues and unusual shapes


Traditional Eid Decoration Ideas With Paper:


Islamic Calligraphy: Use old-style Islamic writing in the paper ornaments for your house. Employ silver and gold markers on dull or black cards.


Mosaic Patterns: Mosaics made from little pieces of colored paper may be created. These are made to appear like intricate traditional Islamic art forms that can be used as table runners, wall hangings or even exclusive gift wraps.

Paper Lanterns with Tassels: At the top end of each one of them, you can embellish the traditional paper lanterns with tassels of tissue papers or thin strips of construction papers; you can now hang them up in your house to create a party atmosphere.


Star and Crescent Decorations:

Everything that I can say about this is that in Islam culture, one will find such shapes like garlands, window clings or even table centerpieces with this star and crescent on them.

Customizing Invitation Cards


One thing about personalized invitation cards is that they are designed to give a special feel to Eid celebrations. To construct the card, you will need cardstock or colored paper, markers, glues as well as such decorations like stickers and ribbons. Trim the cardstock into desirable sizes, embellish with layered papers and inscribe your message inside it. Attach adornments on it before putting the invitation in an envelope which you send to the invitees. This pleasurable family task allows everyone to help in getting ready for the festivities.


Family Fun: Making Paper Decorations Together

It is a very interesting thing to create paper decorations with your family. Make this possible by involving everyone in the process based on their ages. Let young ones cut out simple shapes, while older children and adults handle more complicated designs. You should go ahead and make available all the requisite materials and tools at a particular place you have set aside for the same. Have some festive music playing in the background and break up the work session with short snacking intervals so that everybody remains active. Finally, let everyone feel proud of him/herself by displaying each person’s work in your house.

Tips for Creating Eid Decorations Ideas with Paper 


To make pretty paper decorations, first of all you must establish a coherent color plan and theme that will carry the look throughout. Use templates or stencils in order to come up with accurate and uniform designs. Utilize alternative types of papers as well as their textures for your ornamentations to become more three-dimensional and captivating. For instance, for the purpose of enhancing your paper creations’ elegance, add natural things such as twigs, leaves or flowers. Always ensure paper decorations are kept away from candles and other sources of heat so that they do not catch fire easily.


Final Thoughts on Eid Decoration Ideas with Paper


The use of paper to adorn your Eid celebration is simply a beautiful way that adds colors and happiness. Paper is so versatile that you can make various kinds of decorations including simple garlands or more elaborate lanterns. If your taste in décor leans towards modern or classical, there will be a paper decoration for you. Getting the entire family involved in making these ornaments won’t just raise the festive mood but also leave memorable experiences.

FAQs about Eid Decoration Ideas with Paper 


Q: What type of paper is best for making lanterns?


A: Construction paper or cardstock is the most suitable paper for making lanterns as it is strong and retains its shape very well.


Q: Can I use recycled paper for my decorations?


A: Yes! The use of recycled papers is good for the environment and gives your decorations an individual touch.


Q: Are paper decorations safe to use with candles?


A:This is why any wax or colorful papers you have made into ornaments at home should only be used together with LED candles.

Q: How can I involve my kids in making paper decorations?


  1. This will allow them to cut out some simple shapes, stick pieces together and color their works which they will enjoy while learning something new.


By following these tips and ideas, you can create beautiful and meaningful paper decorations for your Eid celebrations, making the occasion even more special and memorable for everyone involved.

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