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Interior Design in the United Arab Emirates, many people refer to Sharjah City as its cultural capital. It is a bustling town where tradition and modernity blend together well. This unique combination of new and old is visible in the architecture of Sharjah’s interiors, which are a mixture of Islamic architecture, Arabian heritage with contemporary design fashions. In this article, we will examine the peculiar features of interior design in Sharjah and learn how designers strive to maintain cultural integrity while incorporating innovative designs.


The Cultural Influence of Interior design in Sharjah

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This commitment to cultural preservation is quite apparent in Sharjah’s architectural design, museums and public spaces. Its rich past and focus on culture education have given rise to interior design aesthetics. The traditional Islamic art has a great influence on the interior spaces due to its emphasis on geometrical patterns, calligraphy and the intricate details it includes.


Traditional Elements in Interior design in Sharjah 


One of the design principles that Sharjah prides itself on is the inclusion of traditional elements in contemporary interiors. This not only makes them aesthetically pleasing but also preserves their connection to the culture of this region. Examples of some key traditional elements are:

Moorish Architecture

Commonly, designs and art includes features such as: horseshoe arches, domes, and decorative tile work. They make modern spaces look more imposing and historical.




A Majlis continues to be an important feature found in many homes for a long time which was used by people for sitting together and socializing with each other. By using low seating, heavy use of textiles and carpets, it creates communal living spirit as well as a sense of hospitality among residents.


This ancient screen, made up of wooden lattices, enables aeration and visibility while maintaining privacy. You can find it in modern art across different designs, such as decorative panels, window coverings, and room dividers..

Traditional Textiles and Rugs

Handwoven rugs plus tapestries with patterns embroidered cushions bring warmth to interiors. Sometimes these fabrics have very complicated designs and bright colors that are usually associated with their traditional heritage in the area.


Modern Trends Interior Design in Sharjah

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In spite of the existence of traditional elements, modern influences have found their way into Sharjah’s interior design. The contemporary trends are geared towards functionality, ecological sustenance and the merging of technology creating both colors that add charm and usability.



Minimalist interiors feature clean lines, neutral color palettes, and simple spaces. This approach distinguishes traditional elements, creating a balance between intricacy and simplicity.

Intelligent Dwellings

The inclusion of smart technology is revolutionizing home design and habitation. Smart illumination, weather control, and defense mechanisms upsurge comfort with coordinate style.

Open Plan Layouts

Open plan living rooms represent a transition towards more engaging and adaptable ways of life. This architectural trend does away with dividing walls, thereby fostering openness within the house leading to free movement.


Blending Tradition with Modernity


Interior design in Sharjah is characterized by a combination of traditional and modern elements. Designers successfully merge these influences to produce spaces that are distinct and hold interest. Examples of how this is achieved include:

Modern Majlis

The Majlis, which is usually designed with contemporary furniture and decor. Traditional rugs and textiles are used together with low seating arrangement combined with modern coffee tables, and sleek sofas for authenticity.

Contemporary Mashrabiya

Contemporary designs have incorporated Mashrabiya patterns in screens, room dividers, furniture etc., thereby lending an aspect of traditional craftsmanship to their aesthetics while serving functional purposes like privacy and ventilation.

Eclectic Interiors


There are many houses in Sharjah that have a blend of old-fashioned and fresh styles. In this case, the modern accessories in the form of lights are combined with old furniture, which results in an individualized interior.


Design Considerations for Sharjah Homes


The considerations to make when designing interiors in Sharjah include the climate, cultural sensitivities, and functionality. Some of these key considerations are:

Weather Impact

The hot and dry climatic conditions in Sharjah often have an impact on choices made regarding the interior designs. In order to help cool down the rooms, designers usually integrate materials and components such as limestone, china clay tiles or light colored drapes made from cotton.

Optimal Lighting for Interior Design in Sharjah

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In this context, natural light is a must-have in Sharjah interior design. Designers often employ large windows, skylights, and open spaces to maximize sunlight, creating bright and airy interiors. They also use decorative light fixtures to enhance the atmosphere and add a distinguished note.

Culturally Responsive Design 

Designing interiors for Sharjah requires one to consider their rich cultural heritage and reflect it in their designs. Integrate traditional components into the rooms and plan the space to include certain cultural practices and traditions.

Different Spaces’ Designing Patterns in Sharjah’s Homes


In Sharjah homes, every part has specific demands and opportunities for design creation. Here is a closer detailed look on how various spaces can be considerately designed.

Ideas for designing the living room:

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This is the central area of the home where people gather to socialize and entertain guests. Combine classic low seating with modern sofas and armchairs, warming up with traditional cushions and throws. Use mashrabiya screens, complicated rugs, and moorish wall art. Boost functionality with intelligent home technology.

Tips and kitchen design

This is a kitchen that combines varieties of traditional cooking practices with the modern ones. There is a free-flowing space which improves movement in the kitchen. Use patterned tiles on the walls behind your sink or stove to bring some personality into your home. Ensure that your equipment blends with the design.

Interior Design in Sharjah Ideas for Bedrooms:


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Bedrooms mix up comfort and culture. Make it peaceful by using neutral colors, gentle fabrics and cozy beddings. Handmade blankets and embroidered cushions give the room a sense of history. Decorate with family heirlooms and original artwork. Choose furniture that skillfully joins classic workmanship together with contemporary designing

Bathroom Design and Concepts:

Modern facilities with traditional touch make bathrooms to be luxury retreats. Use quality fittings such as brass faucets, marble countertops and rain showers Incorporate mosaic tiles, arched mirrors and carved wooden cupboards. Have a dim lighting system and burning scented candles to have a spa feeling.

Outdoor Space Interior Design in Sharjah:

Sharjah is the kind of place where you must have outdoor spaces for good weather moments and entertaining guests. When it comes to the outdoors, go for things like Sofas, day beds, chaise lounges with pillows that are patterned traditionally. Bring back the old memories by including natural elements like palm trees or paths made of tiles or even fountains at your garden frontage. In addition to this get an outdoor kitchen down there plus smart lighting for other modern needs needed in today’s life.


Commercial Spaces Interior Design in Sharjah


Sincerely, commercial spaces in Sharjah also show the combination of old and new. The design is similar while different functional needs are considered when designing hotels, offices or retail spaces.

Elements of hotel design:

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In Sharjah, hotels mix cultural traditions with contemporary amenities by incorporating Mashrabiya screens, ornate tile work and other Arabian designs. They are equipped with smart lighting, climate control system and high-speed internet connection that creates a luxurious atmosphere enriched with exceptional materials and finishes used.

Ideas on Office Designs:

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Office spaces in Sharjah are productive and cooperative at the same time. They apply open space designs to create variable work stations, including traditional elements such as mosaic patterns, wood carvings and Arabic calligraphy inside an office while incorporating modern technologies such as smart lighting and climate control among others.

Design of retail spaces:

Warm lighting, comfortable seating and an attractive display are used in retail spaces in Sharjah to create a welcoming environment. Modern display systems can effectively showcase products; however, incorporating cultural themes into the store’s design creates a distinctive atmosphere.


Practical Hints for HomeOwners Interior Design in Sharjah


If you are considering designing or redecorating your home in Sharjah, here are some practical tips to bear in mind:


Use Blended Natural Materials

Embed natural materials such as wood, stones and clay on the inside of your house to give it a feeling of warmth and texture.

Introduce Conventional Patterns

Use traditional models that have been present in your decoration like geometrical forms and elaborate tiling.

Enhance Use of Natural Light

Make sure that your home has enough lighting and illumination through large windows, skylights and open-plan layouts.

Install Smart Technologies

Think about installing smart home technology for improved convenience and comfort.

Design for Flexibility

Design flexibly so that rooms can be adapted into different uses as per individual preferences of each person living within the family unit.


Final Thoughts on Interior Design in Sharjah

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Interior design in Sharjah has been discussed as a captivating combination of traditional features and contemporary characteristics. Here, designers have successfully infused modern spaces with indigenous aspects thereby making them practical and beautiful at the same time. In its continued evolution, it is expected that Sharjah’s interior design will remain innovative and inspirational as it reflects on its distinct cultural roots as well as embraces the new era.


The interior design sector in Sharjah is an illustration of the emirate’s capacity to merge its past and present seamlessly so that they form evergreen yet fashionable places. In your exploration of designs, let the distinctive features of Sharjah inspire you to create areas that are magnetically attractive with a feel of changeability just like the city itself does.