Fairmont Marina Residences

Unleashing our creativity, we embarked on a mission to design a living space that defies conventions, radiating with flexibility and a luminous charm. We aim to create an environment that transcends expectations, where every nook and cranny is a testament to limitless possibilities, urging residents to embrace a world of boundless transformations.

Project Execution

We embarked on a transformative refurbishment/renovation of a residential apartment, infusing it with the captivating Art Moderne style. By carefully renovating with geometric patterns, and materials, we created an atmosphere of modern sophistication. The result was an apartment that not only embraced the aesthetic essence of Art Moderne but also enhanced the overall living experience for our client. Every element, from exquisite furnishings to thoughtfully designed spaces, was tailored to elevate the renovated comfort and functionality, providing our client with an enhanced home environment.

Refurbishment/Renovation, Apartment
Abu Dhabi