Top 10 Types of Mirrors to Buy in the UAE

Mirrors are important in an Interior, Why?

An image of mirror interior design

Interior Designers all over the world and in Dubai as well, choose mirrors with high importance as it directly incorporates the type of personality you have and the rhythm and the theme of the room/environment/interior as well.

Best Type of Mirrors in the UAE

  1. Venetian Mirror: Venetian glass, known for its artistic beauty and sophistication, is popular to enhance UAE homes
  2. Arabic Style Mirror: These mirrors often feature rich geometric patterns and intricate textures, making them ideal for traditional Middle Eastern décor
  3. Islamic Design Glasses: Glasses with Islamic geometric patterns and textures can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, adding a cultural and religious significance
  4. Contemporary wall mirrors: Contemporary designs with clean lines and relatively simple wood are suitable for contemporary urban interiors in the UAE.
  5. Moroccan Mirror: Moroccan glass features vibrant colors, intricate metallic textures, and sometimes mosaic designs, making it the perfect choice for bohemian or eclectic outfits
  6. Full-length Arabic mirrors: Arabic-inspired full-length mirrors are a functional and elegant accessory for bedrooms and dressing areas
  7. Mother-of-Pearl Mirrors: Mirrors adorned with mother of pearl inlays are an elegant and elegant accessory to add a little extra luxury to your space
  8. Antique Mirrors: Antique mirrors and antique mirrors can add a sense of desire and timeless beauty to your home, often made from polished wood and weathered materials
  9. Frameless Bevel Mirrors: Frameless mirrors with beveled edges are versatile and can accommodate a variety of decor styles, making them look sleek and modern.
  10. Round or Oval Brass Mirror: Round or round copper inlaid mirrors add sophistication and work well with both traditional and contemporary interiors