Here’s a Cute 2023 Christmas Interior Design Guide

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Red Globes and Starry Ornaments

Festive part of any Christmas interior design is the red glittery globes and the star on the top of the christmas tree, we use the red glittery (or non glittery) globes to hang them on the tree as display ornaments or around the stairways or anywhere else where it can be hung.

The Sparkling Lights for Christmas Interior Design

Get these lights from any 1 to 20 AED discount shop and wrap your entire house with them (not really) and have a go!

Usually they are used to wrap around the tree making it all sparkly and pretty. As well as wrapping it around the house or the stairway to decorate your house further, making it more cozy and sparkly for the christmas season.

The Warm Feel of the Wreaths

A wreath is a circular arrangement of materials, such as flowers or foliage, often used for decorative purposes, especially during holidays like Christmas.

They can also be used outside your home to hang on the door or the walls, to better portray the feeling of cozyness and comfort coming from a house.

The Iconic Christmas Tree

I doubt you are gonna find natural pine trees in United Arab Emirates or Dubai since they are mostly grown in strictly cold climate, hence the name for christmas aka winter solstice. Though you can always get a fake or a tree imported, mostly shops like ikea or other discount or decoration shops provide the tree.

You are going to put the tree in a corner of the room or most probably somewhere, where it is seen by the wide variety of the people to notice its presence or where it feels cozy, and dress it up with the lights and the ornaments.

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