Evolution of Architecture in Dubai: 5 Ways It Evolved into Greatness

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Dubai, A city booming with success and modernity, has risen by the sandy dunes from the pearl trading era to a leading country in innovation, architecture, and technology, The United Arab Emirates has come a long way. Evolving its culture, architecture, technology, and remarkable etiquette, trust me there is no other country in the world with people as nice as Emiratis. In this fairly long but not-so-long article, we will explore and discuss the 5 key points in which Dubai has evolved its architecture and became the skyline that is now adored by billions of people all over the world.

The Pursuit of Becoming the Greatest in the World

It all started when the crowned city wanted to challenge the logic and the principles of the entire world, designing the Burj Khalifa was in of itself a great feat of expertise and hard work but its construction and completion put Dubai on the map of the world, screaming the names, foreshadowing peoples chants for Dubai saying “Best in the world”. Soaring to the height of 828 Meters, this was unbelievable but more so in Dubai because of its sandy core structure.

Alongside that, iconic structures like Burj Al Arab, flowing through the waters like its sail-shaped tail winded building and the Cayan towers have become architectural and interior designed icons for the world to see and adore, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Dubai’s Tradition and Innovation

While others may have forgotten their roots and culture by adapting to modernity and skylines, UAE, and specifically Dubai is not one of them, Dubai has time and time again leaped back into the traditional style, replying to the people who thought Dubai has forgot its traditional values. Paying respect to its roots, Dubai incorporated classic Emirati architecture and mid-century interior design values into its famous structures such as the Etihad Museum and Jumeirah Mosque.

The UAE Eco-Friendly Approach

Architects and Interior Designers of the UAE have adopted the Eco-Friendly approach to designing and constructing things alike. As the world takes note of the climate impact that fossil fuels and CO2 have on this planet, it is UAE’s most primal goal to eliminate its carbon footprint and be the leading country in Ecological Development as portrayed in Dubai’s Expo 2020. It now boasts the world’s largest solar energy park and is home to the LEED-certified Masdar City.

Undying Pursuit for Megaprojects

Dubai may just be the only country that does this, megaprojects one after another, a never-ending train of projects coming one after another. Its overly ambitious architectural landmark projects are adored and rivaled by people and countries alike (Saudia Arabia Jeddah Tower coming in at 1 kilometer in height, would be bigger than Dubai Burj Khalifa), Dubai has already come and answered KSA’s attempt of snatching Dubai’s crown of the tallest building in the world by announcing 3 upcoming projects of entailing HIGHLY ambitious structures.

Dubai’s Mark of Excellence

Dubai’s journey goes a long way over than just tall buildings, bling, and shiny structures, no. It has become a home of over 200 nationalities and a hub for creativity and still to date, it is a thriving hub of cultures and traditions from all over the world. The Dubai Design District attracting artists, creatives, and film directors to prime destinations for filming in Dubai has ultimately proved its excellence and mark in the world. An Honor to be bestowed upon Dubai as Hollywood has filmed over 50 films featuring its glittering shining skylines and gorgeous golden deserts.


Dubai’s journey to becoming a leading icon in architecture, interior design, and technology has been mind-boggling so far, how it pushed the city from its sandy history to the skies filled with glitter and gold from structures like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, not to forget that its most important and memorable quality is its peoples’ kindness. Adopting an Eco-friendliness approach with projects like the world’s largest solar energy park and ambitious megaprojects over and over again, Dubai proves everyone wrong time and time again. Becoming the symbol of ambition, creativity, excellence, and a globally recognized icon was not an easy journey but hey, it’s Dubai; What other could have pulled this off?

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