Marble Interior Design in Dubai: Marble and top 4 types

From the classical era of the Greek use of marble to the 21st-century boom of architecture and construction using it in almost all the tiling, marble and its uses have evolved a lot and come a long way from what they were in ancient times.

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What is Marble?

Marble is a morphed rock that is a result of multiple combined and merged rocks under metamorphosis during high and intense pressure and temperature. In its natural form, marble is usually white. Even in UAE, marble is highly sourced and it is purely white.

It is the combination of limestone and dolomite rocks; the limestone gives it its white polished look while dolomite gives it its texture.

Its Uses

it is a widely used stone, in ancient times it was specifically used for architecture and sculptures. Even today many people still use it for sculptures as marble's durability and its silky-textured look can’t be achieved as easily in other stones. Even today, marble is still used in sculptures and statues but now, it serves a whole array of things from sculpture to tiling to flooring, to walling etc.

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Common Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most elegant and prettiest tiles to exist, hence they have great value in Interior Design, specifically in countries like UAE, Italy, Spain, and China. There are many different kinds of marble tiles but for the sake of keeping it easy we are going to discuss the top 4 kinds of marble tiles in the UAE, which are:

• Calacatta Marble
• Statuario Marble
• Dark Emperador Marble
• Crema Marfil Marble

Calcatta Marble:

Calcatta marble is the one you have probably seen the most in your surrounding interiors, it is quite famous for its stunning white appearance with, usually veins of the color gray or gold flowing through it. The veins in this type of marble tile are more prominent than in any other type, and it is usually used to upscale interiors such as kitchens, bathrooms, and floor tiles.

Statuario Marble:

Even rarer than the calcatta marble is statuario marble, coming in as the most demanded marble in the market it is of no surprise that it also looks stunning, with gray veins prominent in it, it looks more luxurious than the word luxury itself. It is commonly used in sculptures, architecture, and luxury budget countertops such as kitchen slabs or bathroom wall tiles.

Dark Emperador Marble:

dark marble

 A dark brown chocolatey look gives off a very elegant and richly luxurious feeling, ranging from light brown to dark brown hues. And it if often partnered with golden or white veins giving it the most luxurious of the look. It is often used in warm and sophisticated environments like a luxury diner or meeting room, more specifically for countertops and walling.

Crema Marfil Marble:

A creamy beige marble with little too subtle veining, commonly used for contemporary and traditional designs, with a minimalistic vibe and a look to it, it is more often than not a choice in medium to low-budget interiors.



In the end, marble is a very luxurious and eloquent natural stone, that has been revered and loved for centuries and probably will be loved for centuries to come as well, with its versatile design capabilities and top-of-the-charts looks, I don’t doubt that. Marble will remain a popular choice for a wide range of interior applications in the UAE, from elegant counter tops to luxurious floors or wall claddings.

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