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We respect and celebrate Eid in our culture and try to made a situation that all family and people enjoy it. Creating decorations with different materials, beautiful lights and colors are different ways for aid celebration. Because Eid is important in Islam world and Muslims are happy on this time. Eid has special features for visitors and residents and  as you know, Dubai is a vibrant city and all nations like it. Magnificent celebrations and sincere prayers  perfect with extremely bright decorations and ornaments of homes, streets and different centers.

You enjoy favorable occasions in eid .Firstly on this web page post, we search and talk about the captivating world of Eid decorations light in our city because people like lighting. We explore traditions, well liked décor options, lighting ideas and wherever to present the best decorating. Because of this you enjoy embellishing and make your merriment and festivities glow bright, similar to never before. Stay with us on this clarify journey as we make Dubai visible with joyful, beauty and attractiveness.

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 Eid decorations light in Dubai is very attractive

Dubai residents have a time of celebration and delight in eid. We see a reflection of beauty in the city and very nice decorations. Dubai is a basic part for merriment with embellished streets, homes, colorful adorned and lights so people use complicated lanterns and flower arrangements for eid.

Dubai is a well known city for style and glory of decoration especially on eid. Families in Dubai honor to decorate their home with conventional patterns such as half-moon. Arabic word writing and stars are shapes which use in eid decoration light in Dubai. Dubai is very rich in culture and modern art.

Balconies and windows are extra shiny and these lights cause a magical environment all over the city. Whole neighborhoods are modified into charming colors and lights throughout all of the festivals in different seasons. In each season, there is some eid and celebration.

Shopping centers and malls spend on interior decoration in eid in order to attract guests and visitors. They will enjoy striking and attractive sights. Certainly watching the synthetic lights and colors are very interesting for you. Foreigners and immigrants are interested to Dubai eid decoration. Stay with us for more details as bellow.  Here must be said Eid mubarak.


Inimitable methods to build in lights into eid adorning

Eid garnitures in Dubai city are ideal chances to acquire creativity and build on a link up with magic to your place and home. Natural light and sunlight decoration are simple ways. Flowers, plants and leaves with white and gold lights, seem very beautiful.

Traditional string lights are another option. But there are some modern ways for decoration. we can use artificial lights such as gas lamps, incandescent. Fluorescent, CFLs, LED lights and lasers for are other tools for eid decoration light in Dubai . 

Even Dubai schools enjoy eid decoration lights such as Eid cards and banners . There are many plans for decoration of all centers. We have more options for decoration in eid times , they are as below:

  • Eid Mubarak Balloons: Balloons are an easy and fun way to add some color and excitement to your home for Eid
  • Happy Eid Flowers Bouquets in different colors.
  • Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Arabic writing for Eid
  • DIY Bunting for decoration
  • Eid Cards
  • Standing and Status Lanterns and torches, this part is related to decoration lighting.
  • Table  and bar decorations. Some times we can arrange tables, out of room and office and next decoration for eid.

 decoration light

Points of eid decoration light in Dubai by DIY LIGHTS

If you are looking to attach a personal connection to your eid ornament, DIY light is a good option. Our designers offer many ideas for decoration and creates your own lights and colors. Colorful paper lanterns with origami shapes increase the beauty of  home, office and schools in eid days.

DIY lighting solutions offer a wide range of styles and innovations that empower you to transform your home easily with a sense of style and quality. Attach DIY to a string lights for a unique look. Maybe, people want to have a wedding during Eid.

Weddings are one of the most valuable moments in our lives because of that, we always want those memories to light up our lives when we remember them. Provides wedding light decoration with different lights and other light structure products in a beneficial manner to make your wedding like an eternal fairytale. Really watching wedding ceremony with lighting decoration in Dubai is amazing.

The benefits of DIY lighting in Dubai  are as below:

  • Cost reduction
  • Customization and pliability
  • organize and timelines
  • Easy maintenance and repairs
  • Long term cost efficiency
  • Sense of achievement

eid decoration light in Dubai

Decoration light industry in Dubai city

Decoration light is one industry and is growing in Dubai also Ramadan is a holy month in the world of Islam. In this month we clean our house, street and workplace. We brighten our homes with extremely bright light and believe blessings and happiness enter our lives. Dubai decoration light has modern styles.

Lighting industry experts decorate many shops and malls in this month, also expert team focuses on making the newest trend for customers with modern technologies. The steps of the light decoration industry in Dubai are as bellow so we can use them:

  • Producing: means buying ready decorations
  • assembling: connection some part to each others
  • creating light decorations: design and planning

Also hotels, business centers need to decorate with light in eid, so because of that, decorative lighting market is hot in Dubai. This industry continues to progress. Demand for products that are environmentally sustainable and eco- friendly is high in Dubai. Another advantage on this market is the improving incorporation of technology to raise both the quality and product efficiency. Lighting in Dubai is one modern technology.

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The decoration national day 

There are national day festivities in the United Arab emirates. On this day you see some strange affair, replete with magnificent decorations, glittering skyscrapers and streetlights that reveal and show the celebratory spirit of the occasion. Lighting is an important part in conveying national pride and joy during eid time to other people even other nations.

lighting includes led pair lights and well organized lighting systems. On this national day, street lighting projects, different illumination techniques to decorate for this day. Light decoration including major buildings covered with different styles of lighting, like words “happy national day UAE”.

There are some  scenes and marks as well as lighting around tree skin and herbage in various colors and styles, must say eid decoration light in Dubai adopt to nature. Using signposts made of lights, rope light to decorate street lamps and light post, outdoor and indoor special effects lighting to increase the celebrator environment.

lighting in Dubai

Dubai Lighting decoration

Set the stage for remarkable events with principal lighting mixture for eid and enjoy it. Furthermore, there are many varieties for lighting decoration that you can choose from them.

Boost your house, villa, office with fairy light ornaments and create a magic view. In eid there are some events as wedding, company cooperation and parties. Eid is a good time for celebrate for families and companies.

Light up your moments with the newest trends in lighting technology and cause your events emit light more and unforgettable beyond the UAE. Modern technology has reached to eid docation in Dubai for years.

Lighting decoration have some models and styles include moving heads models, LED pixel styles and effect lights, wash lights models, theater lighting and studio lighting.  In eid time, all centers need to light decoration. Dubai decoration light is one prosperous industry.

eid decoration light in Dubai

Balconies and eid decoration light in dubai

Decorative lighting works all year seasons also as well as festive lighting during the holidays. It  does on your balcony or patio for cosy summer nights. Choose from many different colours and styles. ligth balconies shine in the city in eid time. Summer nights are good time for celebration and happiness.

Nothing is better than lighting to create a cosy place, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. A range of decorative lighting includes solar-powered lamps, dimmable LED lamps, and even speaker lamps. So you can listen to music while you’re sitting on your balcony. How many is there balconies in your house for decoration eid lighting?

If you’re looking for some outdoor lighting or some fairy and string lights to brighten up your garden there are some range of outside lights  that have something to offer. Choose a light with a soft, warm glow or something with more of a twinkly shine to make your outdoor space warm and happy. lighting in Dubai is very wide market. window, balconies and gardens lighting can increase beauty of city.

eid decoration light in Dubai ؤهفغ

Dubai Indoor eid decoration Ideas 

Living room lighting ideas are an important part of the design on the spaces. Layers of lighting provide the decoration for every one of the room’s functions and allow changes of mood. Lighting can also help register and organize your living room decoration by making the very most of the space’s architecture.

Focus on articles on display and artwork and, of course, generating an attractive element of the room in its own right also eid decoration light in Dubai has many idea and trend for different place, time and ceremonies. Meanwhile,  many parks in Dubai decorate with lighting and create some moment for happiness and eid time.

There are shield and covered living room lighting ideas that are more than just about looks – they also surround practical solutions, along with a ton of advice from top lighting decoration and design experts.

A minimalist geometric and numeral light, for instance, may reflect the lines of an abstract and conceptual painting. This Miro-inspired able to move light to a perfect associate and companion for the notional and abstract curved marks of the portrait and painting. Mix  light and paint till gain more beauty and special effects. In fact Dubai lighting is combination of traditional and modern lighting for eid.

 eid decoration light in Dubai

Hanging lights for eid decoration in Dubai

Adding and building on a low hanging luster or pendant brightness and light to a seating area will help create a comfortable and happy sense of intimacy by lowering the seeing plane. Hanging light are useful for rooms and balconies too,  meanwhile,  we can decorate offices and shops with long or short lusters in eid time.

A simple six-branched light fitting acts as a centerpiece for a collection of lighting for room and balconies, fittings which hang at the head of luster, will increase the beauty of lighting so our eid change to one unforgettable memory. would you like to have experience of this memory?

Connect and bring together indoors decorating  to out with living room lighting ideas. Therefore, we can create beauty in both places, indoors and outdoors. Classic lighting structures like candle chandeliers, shaded pendant lamps and half moon wall are good options for eid decoration. Dubai decoration light reflect and transfer art to eyes also eid decoration light in Dubai are competing to other countries styles.

Many visitors enjoy Dubai travel and experience good times and moments. Dubai lighting engineers and designers of lighting industry know well the desire people. So they plan the best design with the primary and also modern tools and equipment.

eid decoration


In islam world,  we have many eid times  as Ramadan and Fetr. Eid decoration lighting in Dubai has many plans, designs and equipment for this aim. Some plans are traditional, some modern and others are a combination of both. Home, balconies, window, parks. garden and even office and schools decorated for eid  and create happy times for all. The mixture of light, flower and natural sunlight is the best decoration style for eid.  System of lighting decoration in Dubai  is very smart and beautiful.


1- why dose Dubai  decorate city in eid?

Because of respect to  culture.

2- Is there only a traditional light decoration system in Dubai?

No, there is also modern light decoration.

3 In which places, is it possible to decorate with lights?

Rooms, offices, schools, windows, balconies, parks, business centers and shops.

4- Is lighting an industry in Dubai?

Yes. That is one functional industry and use for decoration.

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